HW Speeches Rubric/Explanation

You can check what speeches have already been assigned at this link…

HW 1-Minute Speeches

Each week, the students will have one or more (hopefully 3) 1-minute speeches for homework.

Purpose: The most important thing for ESL students to do is put their own thoughts into English. Output in speaking or writing helps program language input into their brains in a way that allows them to naturally and easily access it in the future.

In class, it is impossible to give each student enough time to speak in English.

This homework gives each student the opportunity to speak – for an extended amount of time – on a topic. It will push them to move beyond simple, everyday English they have already mastered.

Grading: In Engrade, the HW 1-Minute Speech Grade will change each week.

It will reflect the average of the student’s speeches completed so far.

Each Speech: Each speech is Pass/Fail: The student either gets 100 for doing it or a 0 for not doing it.


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